Who We Are

We are people who work or have worked in various branches of the sex industry. Some of the places where we work include brothels, apartments, or on the street as whores, escorts or dommes. We offer erotic massage, sex, intimacy and help people fulfil their sexual fantasies. This is how we earn our money. We come from different backgrounds, some of us come from foreign countries to earn money through sex work. Many of us have worked in other professions or been to university, and some of us do sex work alongside other jobs.

We decided to form the Professional Association for Erotic and Sexual Service Providers to fight for the rights of all those who do sex work. We give current and former sex workers the chance to act for the improvement of working conditions in the sex industry or simply to connect with other sex workers.

As an association of sex workers we can feel part of a strong and confident community in which we can freely talk about our experiences. We work together on different projects to actively improve the conditions in our industry. We also take part in political discussions, are regularly invited to various events as speakers, and participate in initiatives by international sex worker rights groups that we network with.